You can see the projects the artist is working on.
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Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design

St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Florence Design Academy


2022 "Perfect Summer", Line Space, St. Petersburg

2022 "Art Talent of Russia", Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2022 "Harmony", Molbert Gallery, St. Petersburg

2022 "Orange Mood" Italy, Parma, Gallery of EOS.

2022 «X-mas Miracle» Hungary, Budapest, Golden Duck Gallery.

Since 2022, Lesya has a membership and contribution to the international association of artists ACM-Club.

View more of the artist's work.
You can see the projects the artist is working on.
You can buy paintings, illustrations and posters.
She combines the incompatible in her works. She tries different techniques, looks for new ones, and discovers art for herself in a different way every time. Digital, textural volumes, acrylic paints, potal, mix oil and acrylic.
Forgetting about the rules and experimenting is one of the messages that the artist carries, so her paintings are about freedom and lightness.

Her love for animals, nature and witchcraft draws out the most mystical, and she sends magical energy to her viewer through her paintings. Lesya helps animals in shelters. “If I had the opportunity, I would have all the animals in the world,” says the artist.

She likes to find unusual animals, reveal the character of each and show it in her works. Which is reflected in the series "Totem Animals". These are real and mystical creatures on a black background. Animals are on the grass at night, and the moon is shining in the sky...

Black is magic. The silence of nature and the stars inspire her, so Lesya often paints at night, in a special atmosphere for her. Her paintings are created to give peace of mind.

The artist believes that art doesn't exist without a beholder. And she believes that her viewer looks at the world the same way. In her work, Lesya brings love, peace and tranquility, thereby helping to see the beautiful and create.
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